Terror Rising book cover

Please enjoy this Q&A regarding one of my most horrifying books, Terror Rising!

Q: What’s the origin behind Terror Rising?
A: I read a news article about an island off the coast of Greenland that was experiencing gravity loss. Of course the reason was otherworldly! Haha. And thus, Terror Rising . . . .

Q: Other than that news article, what were some other inspirations?
A: The Keep. Both the novel and movie.

Q: You don’t really promote Terror Rising much. Why?
A: It’s a difficult book to promote. It’s a Lovecraftian adventure. How can one market that nowadays? Not many people born in this century know who Lovecraft is.

Q: Slavici, the main character, seems to be pushed from one scenario to the next. Why make him so passive?
A: Because that’s what the universe does: push us along back and forth until we die.

Q: Does he beat back the big evil in the end?
A: In the screenplay and early drafts of the novel, yes. However, I made it more ambiguous because I don’t really know.

Q: You don’t know?
A: Okay. I do.

Q: Then does Slavici save the world?
A: Not in Terror Rising.

Q: What does that mean? A sequel? A series?
A: I’m open to the possibility, but I think Slavici’s story is finished. Maybe someone out there will have better luck than him.

Q: Will we see this big evil in more of your books?
A: Probably not. Other than my Bad Boogeymen series, I like to write standalone novels. But who knows what the future holds.

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