She Never Dies book cover

Please enjoy this Q&A regarding one of my most disturbing books, She Never Dies!

Q: What’s the origin behind She Never Dies?
A: I read a news article about the I-4 Ghost. I had heard stories about it before the article, but once it made the news, I had to find out what the big deal was. And thus, She Never Dies . . . .

Q: Other than that news article, what were some other inspirations?
A: Asian horror movies like Ringu and Ju-On. The scarier, the better.

Q: Is it true you lived in central Florida where the I-4 Ghost supposedly haunts?
A: For a few years. I never saw the ghost, but I never looked either.

Q: Why?
A: Because ghosts don’t exist.

Q: That’s weird to hear coming from a horror author. Then why write about it?
A: I view horror as a fantasy genre. Instead of dragons, I write about ghosts.

Q: Do you believe in anything supernatural?
A: No. If ghosts and demons existed, there’d be solid proof by now. There’s not.

Q: So you’ve never had a ghostly encounter then?
A: I’ve experienced weird occurrences I can’t explain, but I wouldn’t point at the paranormal for answers.

Q: Care to share?
A: Read my next book. Haha.

Q: Rose Miller. Can she be stopped?
A: Probably not. She’s what happens when rage fuels a life.

Q: Sequels are popular today. Any follow-ups to this story?
A: I have a sequel rolling around in my head. I have a ton of original books to write before I can even tackle those.

Q: Can you give us a tease of She Never Dies 2?
A: Haha. No.

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