Demonica book cover

How about some stories behind the stories in my book, Demonica?

MC . . . not much to say about MC. One of the few stories of mine that I love. I did good with this one.

subhuman is the first epistolary story I’ve written. I tend to shy away from gimmicks, but that format was the best way to tell this particular story.

The Spot is an old story that I revamped into a first-person monster.

The Pardoner’s Tale is the oldest story in this book. Inspired by the Chaucer tale, I wrote it for said author’s class back in college. It still works.

Slugger is short and sweet. A Little League game on an Indian burial ground. Maybe there are more stories buried there . . . .

Doppelganger introduces D and Leigh to the world. They’ll return in my upcoming full-length novel, Apocalypse!

Cheerleader Massacre began life as a screenplay. Its structure has stayed the same through each draft.

Travelin’ is the second story in Demonica that takes place in the past – sometime in the 1950s.

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