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dRain book cover

Please enjoy this trivia about my action-fantasy epic, dRain!


Some of my long-time readers might recognize some character names. Read the book to find out!


dRain is a standalone novel, but I planted seeds for a sequel. In fact, I have 2 more books planned. I don’t know if I’ll get to them though.


dRain is inspired by such manga and anime like Dragon Ball Z, Bleach, and Gantz.


dRain. What’s with that title? Why is the ‘r’ capitalized and the ‘d’ isn’t? It’s not a typo. I thought it made the title stand out.


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Demonica book cover

How about some stories behind the stories in my book, Demonica?

MC . . . not much to say about MC. One of the few stories of mine that I love. I did good with this one.

subhuman is the first epistolary story I’ve written. I tend to shy away from gimmicks, but that format was the best way to tell this particular story.

The Spot is an old story that I revamped into a first-person monster.

The Pardoner’s Tale is the oldest story in this book. Inspired by the Chaucer tale, I wrote it for said author’s class back in college. It still works.

Slugger is short and sweet. A Little League game on an Indian burial ground. Maybe there are more stories buried there . . . .

Doppelganger introduces D and Leigh to the world. They’ll return in my upcoming full-length novel, Apocalypse!

Cheerleader Massacre began life as a screenplay. Its structure has stayed the same through each draft.

Travelin’ is the second story in Demonica that takes place in the past – sometime in the 1950s.

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Terror Rising book cover

Please enjoy this Q&A regarding one of my most horrifying books, Terror Rising!

Q: What’s the origin behind Terror Rising?
A: I read a news article about an island off the coast of Greenland that was experiencing gravity loss. Of course the reason was otherworldly! Haha. And thus, Terror Rising . . . .

Q: Other than that news article, what were some other inspirations?
A: The Keep. Both the novel and movie.

Q: You don’t really promote Terror Rising much. Why?
A: It’s a difficult book to promote. It’s a Lovecraftian adventure. How can one market that nowadays? Not many people born in this century know who Lovecraft is.

Q: Slavici, the main character, seems to be pushed from one scenario to the next. Why make him so passive?
A: Because that’s what the universe does: push us along back and forth until we die.

Q: Does he beat back the big evil in the end?
A: In the screenplay and early drafts of the novel, yes. However, I made it more ambiguous because I don’t really know.

Q: You don’t know?
A: Okay. I do.

Q: Then does Slavici save the world?
A: Not in Terror Rising.

Q: What does that mean? A sequel? A series?
A: I’m open to the possibility, but I think Slavici’s story is finished. Maybe someone out there will have better luck than him.

Q: Will we see this big evil in more of your books?
A: Probably not. Other than my Bad Boogeymen series, I like to write standalone novels. But who knows what the future holds.

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The Creeping City book cover

Please enjoy this trivia about my urban fantasy epic, The Creeping City!


Unlike most of my early books, The Creeping City did not begin life as a screenplay.


I came up with the title before any characters or a story. I wrote the book without a plan. I wrote one chapter every day until it was finished. It eventually all came together through a lot of editing.


The protagonist, Brittany, originally had a sister who had a whole subplot of her own. Part of this subplot dealt with civilians who were holed up in a church. It ended when the antagonist basically killed them all.

The church still appears at the end of the book, the only remnant left over.


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She Never Dies book cover

Please enjoy this Q&A regarding one of my most disturbing books, She Never Dies!

Q: What’s the origin behind She Never Dies?
A: I read a news article about the I-4 Ghost. I had heard stories about it before the article, but once it made the news, I had to find out what the big deal was. And thus, She Never Dies . . . .

Q: Other than that news article, what were some other inspirations?
A: Asian horror movies like Ringu and Ju-On. The scarier, the better.

Q: Is it true you lived in central Florida where the I-4 Ghost supposedly haunts?
A: For a few years. I never saw the ghost, but I never looked either.

Q: Why?
A: Because ghosts don’t exist.

Q: That’s weird to hear coming from a horror author. Then why write about it?
A: I view horror as a fantasy genre. Instead of dragons, I write about ghosts.

Q: Do you believe in anything supernatural?
A: No. If ghosts and demons existed, there’d be solid proof by now. There’s not.

Q: So you’ve never had a ghostly encounter then?
A: I’ve experienced weird occurrences I can’t explain, but I wouldn’t point at the paranormal for answers.

Q: Care to share?
A: Read my next book. Haha.

Q: Rose Miller. Can she be stopped?
A: Probably not. She’s what happens when rage fuels a life.

Q: Sequels are popular today. Any follow-ups to this story?
A: I have a sequel rolling around in my head. I have a ton of original books to write before I can even tackle those.

Q: Can you give us a tease of She Never Dies 2?
A: Haha. No.

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Please enjoy this Q&A regarding my first book, Hell of the Dead!

Q: What’s the origin behind Hell of the Dead ?
A: I read a news article about a group of police/soldiers who were attacked in the mountains by some rock and branch-wielding people. Sticks and stones versus guns. And sticks and stones won. What could cause such a seemingly impossible scene? And thus, Hell of the Dead . . . .

Q: Other than that news article, what were some other inspirations?
A: Italian zombie movies from the late 1970s/1980s. The grittier, the better.

Q: So the zombies in this book are invincible?
A: Absolutely. They’re of supernatural origin so why not? I wanted them to be an unstoppable force of nature, making a crappy situation even crappier.

Q: Why? Haven’t you put those poor characters through enough?
A: Nah. They deserve it?

Q: Even the priest?
A: Especially the priest.

Q: Care to elaborate?
A: I’d rather the book do the explaining. Nolan is out of his depth. And he pays for it.

Q: But he was trying to help people?
A: Some people can’t be helped.

Q: Is that the book’s theme?
A: That and ‘be nice.’

Q: Going back to the zombies’ invincibility, can they be stopped?
A: Maybe, but this book isn’t about that.

Q: Sequels are popular today. Any follow-ups to this story?
A: I have two sequels rolling around in my head. I have a ton of original books to write before I can even tackle those.

Q: Can you give us a tease of those?
A: Haha. No.

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dRain book cover

The Horror 2 book cover

Get to know me with this Q&A!

Q: How long have you been writing?
A: All my life. When I was a teenager, I wrote songs that I hoped to record someday, but that never happened. In college, I wanted to make movies so I wrote screenplays, but that went nowhere. And here I am.

Q: What made you start writing?
A: The need for a better life. I can write and there’s money, not a lot, but some in writing and if I can make enough so I can quit my horrible day job, then all of this is worth it.

Q: Any advice on just writing? What do you to get inspired to write?
A: I have to be excited about an idea first. Then I have to plot the story in my head. If I’m still excited about it, I’ll start writing.

Q: Throughout most of your career, what is it that you have relief of and what is it that you regret?
A: Relief: Finding an audience. Regret: I regret that I didn’t get serious with my writing in my 20s.

Q: Who are your personal heroes?
A: My wife and dog.

Q: Who do you draw inspiration from?
A: John Carpenter. Or rather his movies.

Q: Do you base your characters on people in your life?
A: There are a few characters inspired by people I know. They’re usually the horrible ones who get killed. (Names changed, of course.)

Q: Are there any recurring characters that we see or hear about in your other books?
A: Off the top of my head . . . . Characters in Hell of the Dead and dRain share the same names. Rose Miller from She Never Dies. She may or may not be the same Rose Miller who appears in Dead Pool and Rot House.

Q: Do you have a YouTube channel?