Gnomes are common objects in lawns and gardens around the country and in certain parts of the globe. They’re more than decorations. They’re real and they’re evil.

Figures popular in Renaissance folklore, gnomes are said to typically be underground creatures who wear tall hats. In Central and South America, gnomes are terrifying beasts who appear and disappear at will. They can either pull pranks or help wayward travelers.

More people are reporting that these two-foot-tall creatures are more sinister than they appear.


Argentina, 2008

After a day of fishing, a group of teenagers spent the evening hanging out and planning their next get-together. They each heard what sounded like someone throwing rocks in the field across the street. In the full moonlight, they saw grass move.

A shape emerged from the field.

At first, the teenagers thought it was a dog. What they saw next sent one of the boys to the hospital and shocked the community.

A tiny man with a wide-brimmed hat came out of the tall grass. He quickly shuffled up the road away from the teenagers and then back into the field.

While this incident sent one of the boys to the hospital, it also sent the neighborhood into a state of panic. People who live there rarely venture out at night for fear of seeing the odd, shuffling gnome.


Nicaragua, 2016

A woman identified as “Yasmina” was found in a cave near her home after being reported missing for a week. She claimed a group of small men lured her up a hill where they forcibly abducted her. They took her to a cave and held her there until authorities showed up.

The little men disappeared without a trace.

How did the authorities know where Yasmina was?

The woman’s family contacted a local witch who, through supernatural means, told the family where their missing loved one was kept.

An interesting post-script: another girl was allegedly kidnapped by similar gnomes and held in the same cave 15 years earlier.


Argentina, 2011

A young couple observed their son Benjamin talking to himself as if he had an imaginary friend. They soon noticed a horrible stench of unknown origin permeating their house.

After months of their son’s insistence that his imaginary friend was indeed real, the mother set up a video camera to catch the person or thing her son interacted with. Upon reviewing the footage, she saw a small, skinny humanoid figure run across the room behind the boy.

Shortly after this shocking encounter, Benjamin told his parents that there were more of the creatures living in their house.

Despite never capturing any more footage of the weird gnomes, the boy continued to play with the creatures for several years until the family moved across town.


Have You Seen a Gnome?

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