We all have days where we don’t want to go to work or do other things that aren’t appealing. Some of us have more of these days than others do.

The remedy?

There is none.

There’s no magic spell that can get your butt in gear. There’s no sense in analyzing the situation because the situation is quite clear.

You’re the reason you lack motivation.


How to Motivate Yourself

You can read motivational quotes and listen to motivational songs all day long. Do you know what you could have been doing in the meantime?

Doing what you’ve been putting off because you’d rather waste your time doing something else!

Most motivational speakers won’t tell you this truth because they want you to buy their books or attend their workshops. They want to sell you motivational hacks that are just common sense.

No amount of motivational speeches is going to make you spring into action. Hell, this blog post won’t budge you either.

Some people have the drive to get stuff done. Those people are usually successful in life and worthy of envy. Some people have this drive and some don’t.

Call it willpower or whatever you like. It doesn’t matter what a motivation synonym is. It’s not a secret trick or superpower.

The motivation definition is simply: do.


What to Do After Accepting You’re The Reason You Lack Motivation

Once you accept the reason you lack motivation, you can take a strong look at yourself and determine if you’re living the life you want. If not, then start making moves to change it. If you create excuses about how you can’t change, then you never will. Placing blame on everyone but yourself won’t solve anything either.

The point is you have to get out of your own way and do. If you can’t, then what’s the point in living?