Banks house more than your hard-earned money.

Some contain tales of murder and mayhem.

It’s time to withdraw 4 True and Disturbing Bank Stories.


Pennsylvania, 2019

32-year-old Luke Dell was arrested for attempting to rob a bank. While that doesn’t sound too disturbing, his plan was quite devious.

He left a note at a restaurant claiming that active shooters with bombs were headed to a pair of nearby high schools. This would tie up the local police while he robbed two banks.

The man was arrested after police used the restaurant’s parking lot camera to track him down.

He was found wearing a mask that made him appear to be older.


New Jersey, 1833 to the present

A few weeks after coming to America, Antoine LeBlanc found work and lodging at the Sayre residence.

Samuel Sayre was a local judge who lived with his wife Sarah and their servant Phoebe

Soon after, LeBlanc, fed up with the hard work given to him by the judge, murdered the judge, his wife, and his servant with an axe and a club.

In front of 10,000 people, LeBlanc was hanged for his crimes. Well, almost all of them.

Before I get to that, what happens in LeBlanc’s body after his execution is a horror story itself.

His corpse was used for electroshock experiments and his skin was made into wallets, lampshades, and book covers.

The Sayre residence is currently the site of a local bank where employees report seeing a spectral image of a woman in a simple dress walking around. It’s thought that the ghost is Phoebe the murdered servant

Why Phoebe and not Sarah?

LeBlanc was sentenced for the Sayre murders, not the servant’s. People believe poor Phoebe’s spirit still craves justice.


Missouri 1989

Dan Short was the president of his town’s bank. On a cold October morning, his body was found taped to a chair in Grand Lake, several miles from the bank. It was believed he was unconscious but alive when he was thrown into the river.

Bank security cameras were damaged and $70,000 was missing from the vault. Authorities believed Short’s killers abducted him from his home in the middle of the night and took him to the bank. There they forced him to give them the money. They then taped him to a kitchen chair with weights attached and drove him to Grand Lake where they dumped him.

Dan Short drowned to death.

His killers were apprehended. They have either died in prison or currently await execution.



Taira no Masakado was a samurai killed in 940 AD after declaring himself Emperor after a series of deadly power plays.

In the 19th century, his gravesite became the grounds of the country’s finance ministry, which was destroyed during a 1923 earthquake.

The ministry was rebuilt but was plagued with construction accidents and deaths, including that of the finance minister.

In 1940, a lightning strike destroyed several nearby offices.

A bank eventually set up business next to Masakado’s grave. To appease the seemingly angry spirit, they opened an account in his name. Bank employees were also instructed not to open any windows or to turn their backs on the grave.



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