Have you ever wanted to go off the grid for a weekend and enjoy nature in its untainted element?

You might want to rethink your plans after reading these 3 True and Disturbing Camping Stories!

Wisconsin, 1976

In 1976, David Schuldes and his fiancee Ellen Matheys went on a camping trip. Shortly after finding a suitable campsite, Schuldes was shot in the neck. Matheys was then sexually assaulted and shot to death as she dressed.

No arrests were ever made until 2019 when DNA found on Matheys led forensic investigators to a local family. Three brothers became the prime suspects. Police used their trash to narrow the list to one – Raymand Vannieuwenhoven.

To get his DNA, police conducted a fake survey where they had Raymond lick and seal an envelope. From there, investigators matched his DNA to the semen found at the crime scene.

Vannieuwenhoven was sentenced to two consecutive life terms in prison in 2021. He died in prison in 2022 at age 85.

California, 2019

Tristin Beaudette and his two young daughters were camping in the Malibu area. While they slept, Beaudette was shot in the chest and died. His children were uninjured.

This was just the latest mysterious shooting in a series of campsite incidents stretching back to 2016.

Anthony Rada was arrested when police were hunting an armed prowler in Los Angeles. Evidence directed them to name him the suspect in the murders. During a three-year period, Rada allegedly shot campers and cars, even shooting a man who lounged in a hammock. If convicted, he faces life in prison.

Alaska, 1990

A father and son went camping in the cold Alaskan wilderness. After a pleasant dinner, they turned in.

Around midnight, both woke up to their tent violently shaking. There was neither wind nor rain.

The shaking stopped for a few moments.

It could have been an animal or another human being.

The shaking started again and didn’t stop for an hour.

Once it stopped, the father ran out with a flashlight and found he and his son were all alone.

The next day, they reported the incident to park rangers. They suspected someone with night-vision goggles had messed with them. But it was only a suspicion. What really happened?


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