Have you ever wanted to go off the grid for a weekend and enjoy nature in its untainted element?

You might want to rethink your plans after reading these 3 True and Disturbing Camping Stories!

Wisconsin, 1976

In 1976, David Schuldes and his fiancee Ellen Matheys went on a camping trip. Shortly after finding a suitable campsite, Schuldes was shot in the neck. Matheys was then sexually assaulted and shot to death as she dressed.

No arrests were ever made until 2019 when DNA found on Matheys led forensic investigators to a local family. Three brothers became the prime suspects. Police used their trash to narrow the list to one – Raymand Vannieuwenhoven.

To get his DNA, police conducted a fake survey where they had Raymond lick and seal an envelope. From there, investigators matched his DNA to the semen found at the crime scene.

Vannieuwenhoven was sentenced to two consecutive life terms in prison in 2021. He died in prison in 2022 at age 85.

California, 2019

Tristin Beaudette and his two young daughters were camping in the Malibu area. While they slept, Beaudette was shot in the chest and died. His children were uninjured.

This was just the latest mysterious shooting in a series of campsite incidents stretching back to 2016.

Anthony Rada was arrested when police were hunting an armed prowler in Los Angeles. Evidence directed them to name him the suspect in the murders. During a three-year period, Rada allegedly shot campers and cars, even shooting a man who lounged in a hammock. If convicted, he faces life in prison.

Alaska, 1990

A father and son went camping in the cold Alaskan wilderness. After a pleasant dinner, they turned in.

Around midnight, both woke up to their tent violently shaking. There was neither wind nor rain.

The shaking stopped for a few moments.

It could have been an animal or another human being.

The shaking started again and didn’t stop for an hour.

Once it stopped, the father ran out with a flashlight and found he and his son were all alone.

The next day, they reported the incident to park rangers. They suspected someone with night-vision goggles had messed with them. But it was only a suspicion. What really happened?


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Banks house more than your hard-earned money.

Some contain tales of murder and mayhem.

It’s time to withdraw 4 True and Disturbing Bank Stories.


Pennsylvania, 2019

32-year-old Luke Dell was arrested for attempting to rob a bank. While that doesn’t sound too disturbing, his plan was quite devious.

He left a note at a restaurant claiming that active shooters with bombs were headed to a pair of nearby high schools. This would tie up the local police while he robbed two banks.

The man was arrested after police used the restaurant’s parking lot camera to track him down.

He was found wearing a mask that made him appear to be older.


New Jersey, 1833 to the present

A few weeks after coming to America, Antoine LeBlanc found work and lodging at the Sayre residence.

Samuel Sayre was a local judge who lived with his wife Sarah and their servant Phoebe

Soon after, LeBlanc, fed up with the hard work given to him by the judge, murdered the judge, his wife, and his servant with an axe and a club.

In front of 10,000 people, LeBlanc was hanged for his crimes. Well, almost all of them.

Before I get to that, what happens in LeBlanc’s body after his execution is a horror story itself.

His corpse was used for electroshock experiments and his skin was made into wallets, lampshades, and book covers.

The Sayre residence is currently the site of a local bank where employees report seeing a spectral image of a woman in a simple dress walking around. It’s thought that the ghost is Phoebe the murdered servant

Why Phoebe and not Sarah?

LeBlanc was sentenced for the Sayre murders, not the servant’s. People believe poor Phoebe’s spirit still craves justice.


Missouri 1989

Dan Short was the president of his town’s bank. On a cold October morning, his body was found taped to a chair in Grand Lake, several miles from the bank. It was believed he was unconscious but alive when he was thrown into the river.

Bank security cameras were damaged and $70,000 was missing from the vault. Authorities believed Short’s killers abducted him from his home in the middle of the night and took him to the bank. There they forced him to give them the money. They then taped him to a kitchen chair with weights attached and drove him to Grand Lake where they dumped him.

Dan Short drowned to death.

His killers were apprehended. They have either died in prison or currently await execution.



Taira no Masakado was a samurai killed in 940 AD after declaring himself Emperor after a series of deadly power plays.

In the 19th century, his gravesite became the grounds of the country’s finance ministry, which was destroyed during a 1923 earthquake.

The ministry was rebuilt but was plagued with construction accidents and deaths, including that of the finance minister.

In 1940, a lightning strike destroyed several nearby offices.

A bank eventually set up business next to Masakado’s grave. To appease the seemingly angry spirit, they opened an account in his name. Bank employees were also instructed not to open any windows or to turn their backs on the grave.



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Gnomes are common objects in lawns and gardens around the country and in certain parts of the globe. They’re more than decorations. They’re real and they’re evil.

Figures popular in Renaissance folklore, gnomes are said to typically be underground creatures who wear tall hats. In Central and South America, gnomes are terrifying beasts who appear and disappear at will. They can either pull pranks or help wayward travelers.

More people are reporting that these two-foot-tall creatures are more sinister than they appear.


Argentina, 2008

After a day of fishing, a group of teenagers spent the evening hanging out and planning their next get-together. They each heard what sounded like someone throwing rocks in the field across the street. In the full moonlight, they saw grass move.

A shape emerged from the field.

At first, the teenagers thought it was a dog. What they saw next sent one of the boys to the hospital and shocked the community.

A tiny man with a wide-brimmed hat came out of the tall grass. He quickly shuffled up the road away from the teenagers and then back into the field.

While this incident sent one of the boys to the hospital, it also sent the neighborhood into a state of panic. People who live there rarely venture out at night for fear of seeing the odd, shuffling gnome.


Nicaragua, 2016

A woman identified as “Yasmina” was found in a cave near her home after being reported missing for a week. She claimed a group of small men lured her up a hill where they forcibly abducted her. They took her to a cave and held her there until authorities showed up.

The little men disappeared without a trace.

How did the authorities know where Yasmina was?

The woman’s family contacted a local witch who, through supernatural means, told the family where their missing loved one was kept.

An interesting post-script: another girl was allegedly kidnapped by similar gnomes and held in the same cave 15 years earlier.


Argentina, 2011

A young couple observed their son Benjamin talking to himself as if he had an imaginary friend. They soon noticed a horrible stench of unknown origin permeating their house.

After months of their son’s insistence that his imaginary friend was indeed real, the mother set up a video camera to catch the person or thing her son interacted with. Upon reviewing the footage, she saw a small, skinny humanoid figure run across the room behind the boy.

Shortly after this shocking encounter, Benjamin told his parents that there were more of the creatures living in their house.

Despite never capturing any more footage of the weird gnomes, the boy continued to play with the creatures for several years until the family moved across town.


Have You Seen a Gnome?

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dRain book cover

Please enjoy this trivia about my action-fantasy epic, dRain!


Some of my long-time readers might recognize some character names. Read the book to find out!


dRain is a standalone novel, but I planted seeds for a sequel. In fact, I have 2 more books planned. I don’t know if I’ll get to them though.


dRain is inspired by such manga and anime like Dragon Ball Z, Bleach, and Gantz.


dRain. What’s with that title? Why is the ‘r’ capitalized and the ‘d’ isn’t? It’s not a typo. I thought it made the title stand out.


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Demonica book cover

How about some stories behind the stories in my book, Demonica?

MC . . . not much to say about MC. One of the few stories of mine that I love. I did good with this one.

subhuman is the first epistolary story I’ve written. I tend to shy away from gimmicks, but that format was the best way to tell this particular story.

The Spot is an old story that I revamped into a first-person monster.

The Pardoner’s Tale is the oldest story in this book. Inspired by the Chaucer tale, I wrote it for said author’s class back in college. It still works.

Slugger is short and sweet. A Little League game on an Indian burial ground. Maybe there are more stories buried there . . . .

Doppelganger introduces D and Leigh to the world. They’ll return in my upcoming full-length novel, Apocalypse!

Cheerleader Massacre began life as a screenplay. Its structure has stayed the same through each draft.

Travelin’ is the second story in Demonica that takes place in the past – sometime in the 1950s.

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Terror Rising book cover

Please enjoy this Q&A regarding one of my most horrifying books, Terror Rising!

Q: What’s the origin behind Terror Rising?
A: I read a news article about an island off the coast of Greenland that was experiencing gravity loss. Of course the reason was otherworldly! Haha. And thus, Terror Rising . . . .

Q: Other than that news article, what were some other inspirations?
A: The Keep. Both the novel and movie.

Q: You don’t really promote Terror Rising much. Why?
A: It’s a difficult book to promote. It’s a Lovecraftian adventure. How can one market that nowadays? Not many people born in this century know who Lovecraft is.

Q: Slavici, the main character, seems to be pushed from one scenario to the next. Why make him so passive?
A: Because that’s what the universe does: push us along back and forth until we die.

Q: Does he beat back the big evil in the end?
A: In the screenplay and early drafts of the novel, yes. However, I made it more ambiguous because I don’t really know.

Q: You don’t know?
A: Okay. I do.

Q: Then does Slavici save the world?
A: Not in Terror Rising.

Q: What does that mean? A sequel? A series?
A: I’m open to the possibility, but I think Slavici’s story is finished. Maybe someone out there will have better luck than him.

Q: Will we see this big evil in more of your books?
A: Probably not. Other than my Bad Boogeymen series, I like to write standalone novels. But who knows what the future holds.

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The Creeping City book cover

Please enjoy this trivia about my urban fantasy epic, The Creeping City!


Unlike most of my early books, The Creeping City did not begin life as a screenplay.


I came up with the title before any characters or a story. I wrote the book without a plan. I wrote one chapter every day until it was finished. It eventually all came together through a lot of editing.


The protagonist, Brittany, originally had a sister who had a whole subplot of her own. Part of this subplot dealt with civilians who were holed up in a church. It ended when the antagonist basically killed them all.

The church still appears at the end of the book, the only remnant left over.


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She Never Dies book cover

Please enjoy this Q&A regarding one of my most disturbing books, She Never Dies!

Q: What’s the origin behind She Never Dies?
A: I read a news article about the I-4 Ghost. I had heard stories about it before the article, but once it made the news, I had to find out what the big deal was. And thus, She Never Dies . . . .

Q: Other than that news article, what were some other inspirations?
A: Asian horror movies like Ringu and Ju-On. The scarier, the better.

Q: Is it true you lived in central Florida where the I-4 Ghost supposedly haunts?
A: For a few years. I never saw the ghost, but I never looked either.

Q: Why?
A: Because ghosts don’t exist.

Q: That’s weird to hear coming from a horror author. Then why write about it?
A: I view horror as a fantasy genre. Instead of dragons, I write about ghosts.

Q: Do you believe in anything supernatural?
A: No. If ghosts and demons existed, there’d be solid proof by now. There’s not.

Q: So you’ve never had a ghostly encounter then?
A: I’ve experienced weird occurrences I can’t explain, but I wouldn’t point at the paranormal for answers.

Q: Care to share?
A: Read my next book. Haha.

Q: Rose Miller. Can she be stopped?
A: Probably not. She’s what happens when rage fuels a life.

Q: Sequels are popular today. Any follow-ups to this story?
A: I have a sequel rolling around in my head. I have a ton of original books to write before I can even tackle those.

Q: Can you give us a tease of She Never Dies 2?
A: Haha. No.

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