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The Horror book cover

Erik Handy solidifies his status as the New King of Horror and Suspense with this collection of his earliest classics.

In Hell of the Dead, a priest’s attempt to rescue a mother and her baby from a death cult is complicated when the undead appear to stalk everyone.

She Never Dies is a ghost story involving a group of college students trying to survive the wrath of a vengeful spirit.

In Terror Rising, a young man must combat an ancient evil hell-bent on returning to Earth.

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Apocalypse book cover

A disabled boy goes missing. His mother is savagely torn apart by an unknown force. At the heart of this mystery is an evil that only wants one thing – the death of every living soul!

Only one man is capable of stopping the madness. His name is D and he’s running out of time!

Apocalypse is the ultimate in supernatural suspense!

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Demonica book cover

A Little League game on an Indian burial ground. A woman haunted by herself. A mysterious carpet stain. Cheerleaders in distress. In Demonica, you’ll bear witness to these horrors and more!

Erik Handy, the author of She Never Dies and Dead Pool, brings you 8 stories that continue the genre-bending short fiction legacies of Ray Bradbury and Stephen King.

Demonica will rip the skin off your bones!

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ERIK’S LATEST books and stories




“The Light at the End”

Hexed book cover“Sitting” & “Poke the Crone”

Halloween Horror Volume 2 book cover“The Upright”

The Horror 2 book cover


dRain book cover

“An intense manga-infused novel with epic battle scenes, rich mythology, and great characters that had me cheering for their victory – this book has it all.”
Jennifer Sullivan, Kendall Reviews


Erik Handy, the New King of Horror and Suspense, grew up on a steady diet of professional wrestling, bad horror movies that went straight to video, and comic books. There were also a lot of video games thrown in the mix.

He currently absorbs silence and fish tacos. In his spare time, he works a full-time job he hates. Buy his books. Spread the word. Thanks.