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The Horror book cover

Erik Handy solidifies his status as the New King of Horror and Suspense with this collection of his earliest classics.

In Hell of the Dead, a priest’s attempt to rescue a mother and her baby from a death cult is complicated when the undead appear to stalk everyone.

She Never Dies is a ghost story involving a group of college students trying to survive the wrath of a vengeful spirit.

In Terror Rising, a young man must combat an ancient evil hell-bent on returning to Earth.

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The Horror 2 book cover

Erik Handy continues his reign as the New King of Horror with this collection of his most-terrifying classics.

In The Creeping City, an ancient demon stalks the streets, rallying his strength for a final confrontation with the young woman who has the power to stop it and save our world.

Five high school seniors play a morbid game in Dead Pool. They soon find the game is playing them!

In Rot House, you’ll witness real horror which defies words! The house is not haunted. The house is not possessed. The house is Hell!

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Europe. 1944.

War is ravaging the continent. Amid the death and destruction, two vampire queens breed a master race of bloodsuckers. The only one who can stop them is Ahrahkma, a recently unearthed mummy cursed with the urge to kill every vampire who dares cross his path!

Move over, Stephen King! Step aside, James Patterson!  The Mummy Kills The Brides takes the action/horror genre to the next level!

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ERIK’S LATEST books and stories





“Passing Through””

“Hit & Run”



dRain book cover

“An intense manga-infused novel with epic battle scenes, rich mythology, and great characters that had me cheering for their victory – this book has it all.”
Jennifer Sullivan, Kendall Reviews


Erik Handy grew up on a steady diet of professional wrestling, bad horror movies that went straight to video, and comic books. There were also a lot of video games thrown in the mix. He currently absorbs silence and coffee.

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